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Why Do Telemarketers Keep Calling You?

Learn what telemarketers know about you and why what you say makes them call again.

First, you need to understand that telemarketers need to call at least 50 people just to get one person on the phone. So if you answer the call, they’ll try to keep you on the phone as long as possible. The rule that most of them use is the “Rule of 3 No’s”. They won’t let you off the phone until you have told them you are absolutely not interested in their offer at least 3 times. If you tell a telemarketer something like “I’m not sure if I’m interested”, that doesn’t not count as a “No”. What a telemarketer hears is “You haven’t convinced me I need your offer yet, so please tell me more.” If you hang up on them before they get three “No’s”, they simply put a few notes into their computer system and set the system to call you back in a few days. They assume you were disconnected and that you haven’t considered the offer completely and that you want to be called back after you’ve had a few days to think about it.

What if I Don’t Answer the Phone?

Simple. They assume you’re still interested and put your phone number back in the system to call you back in a few days. You’re better off picking up the phone and simply saying “Remove this phone number from your calling list immediately.” ¬†This strategy will not work, however, because they can legally call you for the next 30 to 90 days. ¬†However, a good sales person will not want to waste his time talking to you, but others will try to “break” you. Perhaps they can “wear you down” until you give up trying to say no and pay for their service. If the robo-caller dials you and you don’t press 1 to talk to the sales person, again, they just assume you really wanted to press 1 and buy from them, so they schedule their system to call you back in a few days.

So What Should I Do When a Telemarketer Calls?

First, never give out any information. This will be added to their system and used against you on future phone calls. They may even interpret your willingness to answer questions as a willingness to buy. (ie. they’ll think you’re a nice person = “sucker”). Try keeping them on the phone as long as possible (if you have the time). Why? Think about it. Time is money. If you completely waste their time, they will not want to call you back. It makes them mad and hurts their close rates. Tell them after 4 or 5 minutes that you’re intentionally wasting their time and if they call you again, you’ll waste even more of their time. Let them know that you do this for every telemarketing call. Read more about how to waste a telemarketer’s time.

Things NOT To Do When A Telemarketer Calls:

  1. Never get angry or yell at them. They didn’t call you – some machine called you. To get even with you, they’ll just add you to their system to call you again.
  2. Don’t hang-up. Again, their system will just keep calling you back.
  3. Never explain yourself, or try to explain why you’re not interested. This is like pouring gasoline on the fire. They have a rebuttal for every excuse you can dream up. It also gives them more information about the way you think so they can twist it around on you to help them sell their service.
  4. Do no ask questions about their product. It’s hard to keep them on the phone long, but if you need to ask questions, see the list of questions to ask a telemarketer.
  5. Do not act nice, or human. These are signs of weakness. Telemarketers are hunters. You are the prey. Signs of weakness will only encourage them to call you again.
  6. Don’t hang-up in the middle of the conversation. This just gets you put back on the call list. They’ll assume you were disconnected.
  7. Don’t tell them you don’t have time to talk right now. They’ll gladly call you back again, and again.
  8. NEVER GIVE THEM PERSONAL INFORMATION. Instead, if they don’t know your name, make-up a name. Pretend to be one of your favorite TV characters. Once they realize you’re not cooperating, they’ll be less likely to call you again.

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