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10 Questions to Ask a Telemarketer When They Call


If a telemarketer can’t answer these 10 questions, then they are violating the Do Not Call laws.

Telemarketers are a pain. At the very least they interrupt your day to try to sell you something. While it’s legal to call you, they have to follow certain laws. The questions below are designed to catch them breaking the law. If you follow the methods outlined in the book “How to Sue a Telemarketer“, you can even make a few hundred dollars by asking these questions.

The idea is simple. Print this page and keep these questions near your phone. Next time a telemarketer calls you, start asking these questions and write down their answers. If all goes well, one of two things could happen.

  1. They will know that your serious about suing them and remove you permanently from their call list (Yeah!)
  2. You can try to sue them in your local court. Of course, they won’t want to fight it in court, so they’ll most likely pay you off.

The 10 questions to ask the next telemarketer that calls you:


  1. Is this call a telemarketing call?
  2. May I have your full name please?
  3. What’s the name of the company you’re calling for?
  4. What is your company’s phone number?
  5. Does your company keep a list of all the phone numbers that you’re not supposed to call?
  6. Please add my phone number to your do not call list, can you do that for me right now?
  7. Can you make sure that your company never calls me again – for any other reason?
  8. Does your company keep phone numbers on their do not call list for at least 10 years?
  9. Does your company have a written do-not-call policy?
  10. Can you please send me a written copy of your do-not-call policy?

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