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The Best Call Blocker We’ve Found

The Sentry V2.0 is the Best Call Blocker.

If you want to stop telemarketing calls at home, try the Sentry V2.0 – the easiest and best call blocker. The Sentry does everything you need to block robo-calls and repeated calls from people you don’t want to talk to. The system is easy to use, costs about $49 and sets-up in minutes. No programming, nothing complicated.

So How Does This “Best Call Blocker” Work?

The concept is fairly simple. First, you’ll need to have Caller-ID at your home and it requires a landline (or a VOIP service that has a standard phone cord output to a regular landline phone – such as Ooma).

When someone calls your house, the system checks its “Black-List” and “White-List” to see if the phone number has called your house before. If the number has been “blacklisted”, then the call blocker simply hangs-up on them – no matter how frequently they call. Your phone will never ring and unless you check the system’s caller-ID, you’ll never know the call was blocked. Since the call blocker hangs-up on the caller, these calls will not go to voice mail either.

If the phone number is on the “White List”, then the call blocker allows the call through and the caller never knows you have the system installed on your phone line. You simply answer the phone normally and your voice mail works like normal too.

If the phone number isn’t on either list, then the call blocker reads this statement:

If you are a telemarketer or solicitor of any purpose, please hang-up and remove our phone number from your list. Otherwise, please press “zero”.

If the caller presses “0”, then the call blocker assumes the caller is a real person and allows the call to ring through to your phone. It also adds that phone number to your White List to allow them to call back without having to press “0” every time they call.

If they do not press “0”, then the call blocker assumes it is an automated robo-dialer and simply hangs-up on the caller. Your phone will not ring and they will not be able to leave a voicemail.

See the large image below to see how it works too.

Note: This will not work with your cell phone. It will work with almost all landlines, including VOIP services provided by most cable companies. We have tested this with the Ooma system and it works well with the Ooma service.

Best call blocking device

Sentry V2.0 is a great investment!

For roughly $49, what a great way to save time, avoid interruptions and prevent the frustration of annoying phone calls. Click below to research and read the reviews on Amazon:

Best call blocker

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