Call Blocking Techniques

How to block telemarketing calls from your phone.

There are a few ways to block telemarketing calls from getting to your phone. It depends on which phone service you have. The best way we’ve found to block calls is with Ooma. (Learn more about Ooma)

Blocking Calls with Ooma

Ooma is easy to set-up for your home phone and can even save you money. If you currently have a land line or have a phone service through one of the cable companies, then you’ll need to port your old phone number to Ooma, which can take a few weeks.

Ooma is a VOIP service. Basically, instead of paying for old copper phone lines, your voice is transmitted over the internet. Ooma is a simple little device that sells for about $120 or so on Amazon.  You buy the unit and plug it into your computer or router. Then go online to set-up the service. There’s a $40 porting charge to port your old phone number. The good news is the service is simply the cost of the local taxes and 911 service. In most cases, this is only $3-$5 per month. (Yes, 911 calls work with Ooma, unlike some VOIP services.)

There’s an app that allows your home phone to ring on your home phones as well as your cell phone, which is great for traveling.

But how does that block calls?

Ooma has a feature called simultaneous ring. This means your phone number can be set-up to ring at your house and at another number. Ooma has a service that allows your phone number to ring at a computer that monitors phone numbers for repeated calls and robo-dialing, repeated messages. The computer uses this info to create a “block list” of phone numbers. This list of phone numbers is created by the Ooma community.

When your phone rings, the computer checks to see if the incoming number is on the list. If it is, the computer answers your phone and asks the caller to enter a number to verify that they’re human. If no number is entered, the computer knows that it is a robocaller and hangs up on them. Simple.

If you would rather keep your old landline, then check out the Sentry call blocker.

Click the link below to learn more about Ooma at Amazon:

Call Blocking Devices

If you have a land line or VOIP from the cable company, then buy a call blocker.  These devices sell for $50 to $100 and easy to install. Many have one major draw back – they only block the numbers you tell it to block. This means that every time a telemarketer calls, you will have to add that number to your call blocker.  A few units may have a service that allows you to add numbers from a national list of telemarketing numbers.

You can read all the reviews and features of the different call blockers on Amazon. You will most likely need to buy a call blocker online since not too many retail stores have them in stock.

The best call blocker is the Sentry V2.0. It works on almost all telemarketing calls by providing a “white list”, a “black list” and call screening. Click here for an in depth explanation of how it works.

Call Blocking on Cell Phones

There are a number of different call blocking apps you can download for your smart phone.  Make sure you get an app that is linked to a database of known telemarketing phone numbers. One such app is Mr. Number, but there are many others.

There are other services like Nomorobo that will work if your cell phone provider allows you to use their simultaneous ring service.

Take Action!

Phone companies make money off telephone calls. If you don’t want to switch to Ooma or another VOIP plan, then call your phone company and demand that they enable a robocall blocking plan. The FCC recently changed the rules and the phone companies can now block robocalls.

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