855-710-4385 Called your phone, right?

Based on the 12+ complaints, it’s probably a scam. Learn how you can protect yourself from calls like 855-710-4385.

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  3. If the call was from a US company, learn How to Sue a Telemarketer.
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  5. Learn What to Do Next Time a Telemarketer Calls.
  6. Learn How to Report This Number to the FTC.

We hope these tips and tricks help reduce these annoying phone calls. There are other ways to reduce telemarketing calls, so please take a few minutes to read about how deal with these calls, including petitioning congress to take action against robocalls.

855-710-4385 phone calls are most likely spam.Number of Complaints for 855-710-4385:

Over 12 Complaints!!!

Originating Call’s Location:

City: toll-free
State: Other

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Scam- say They are with direct tv. They are just trying to fish for your information, don't give them any details

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855-710-4385 Keeps Calling Me | Over 12 Complaints Filed Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.5 based on 2 reviews
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