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There are several resources on our website that can help you reduce the number of telemarketing calls you receive. For example:

  1. If the call was from a US company, learn How to Sue a Telemarketer.
  2. If it was a robocall, learn How to Block Telemarketing Calls.
  3. If you talked to a person, learn What to Say Next Time They Call.
  4. Learn How to Report This Number to the FTC. (the Do Not Call List)
  5. Learn why you should report 503-987-5097 to the FCC. (Not the same as the Do Not Call List – see below.)

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We searched other “Call Complaint Websites” and added up the number of online complaints posted on those websites.

503-987-5097 phone calls are most likely spam.Number of Online Complaints Found for 503-987-5097:

Over 12 Online Complaints Found.

Originating Call’s Location:

City: Portland, State: OR

FCC Complaint Status:
503-987-5097 does not have enough complaints filed with the FCC for most phone carriers to block this number.

More Info: On October 21, 2015, the FCC enacted new rules which allow your phone carrier access the FCC’s files of telemarketing complaints. The phone companies can now legally use that information to block unwanted calls from ever reaching your phone. Depending on the carrier, if there are enough complaints filed with the FCC for a phone number, they will block that phone number from ever reaching your phone. However, very few of the billions of robocalls ever get reported to the FCC, so your phone keeps ringing. Note: A complaint filed with the Do Not Call List is not the same as a complaint filed with the FCC.

If you really want your complaint to count, don’t bother complaining on any of those “phone call complaint websites”. Report 503-987-5097 to the FCC so the phone carriers can block it from getting to your phone and millions of other phones.

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Received voice mail from this number from "Gregory" from "Federal Student Loan Advocates" offering to help me with my student loans. I returned the call to tell them I don't have any loans, but the person answering would not provide their name and would not connect me to "Gregory" claiming only to be a receptionist without knowledge of the names of other employees. This person further demanded my case file number and would not give me any information about their organization. She then hung up on me.

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I am being harassed by people calling about student loans they think I have but I do not. They call several times a time and refuse to give me info or to stop calling and always hang up on my, very rude people. I don't know now to make them stop and go away. I would put zero starts if I could.

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Same as everyone else. "Gregory" works for the federal student loans advocates, an alleged company with no website. When I called back to ask how they got my information, since I do not have a student loan, nor have I signed for one, the "receptionist" asked how long I had my phone number, and hung up on me.

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I got a call from Gregory re student loans. Returned call answered by receptionist and she hangs up. Same as othhers
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