Did 323-498-3665 call you?

Based on the 38+ complaints, it’s probably a scam. Learn how you can protect yourself from calls like 323-498-3665.

323-498-3665 phone calls are most likely spam.Number of Complaints for 323-498-3665:

Over 38 Complaints!!!

Originating Call’s Location:

City: Los Angeles/outer downtown
State: CA

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I'm so tired of these damn scams and telemarketers. I signed up for the national do not call number and yet I'm receiving more calls now than I did before! WTH???

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This number has called my home phone and now called my cell phone. I am on the Do Not Call Registry and still get calls all the time!

5 5 1
Each time they call, phone rings once and hangs up, no message left. I'm not going to call the number back, no message left, and they are calling a government cell phone.

1 5 1
Costly number if I pick up - scam.

5 5 1
I'm on the supposed "No Call List". Still get unwanted calls from scammers. This number called, rand once, then hung up.